edition Prima Vista is a music editing venture focusing mostly (but not exclusively) on Renaissance & Baroque music (16th – 18th centuries), and mostly (but not exclusively) on recorder music and recorder arrangements.

We offer Urtext (true-to-source) editions, based on historical sources. Most of the music we publish has rarely been edited, if at all, in modern times; in some cases modern editions do exist, but in our opinion they do not do justice with the music – a situation we aim to rectify.

edition Prima Vista also offers imaginative and creative arrangements for recorder, of pieces originally written for other instruments, thus aiming to expand the recorder's repertoire in different directions and styles.

Last but not least: edition Prima Vista offers the Custom Edit service, where you send us music you wish to edit or change in some way: make a "clean" modern edition, transpose, prepare a score from separate parts or vice versa, etc. - and we deliver the music, usually in PDF format, as soon as possible.